A little bit about me

I am a very outgoing and social person. I am organized and driven, and I love to explore and create new interactive experiences, both physical and digital. Over the years, I have worked in many team projects on various design and research topics. Currently I am working as a UX designer at BearingPoint Caribbean in Curaçao.

What I’m good at

Interaction Design

I want to create positive user experiences between users and systems. Interaction is not just about buttons and clicks in the digital world, but also deals with complete user journeys and contextualization of input and output to aid users.

User Research

I think that projects should be user-centered. Both understanding the user (through interviews, focus groups, observations) and evaluating throughout the design cycle (quick prototype testing and all-round usability testing) are important for this.

Concept Design

I love problem-solving creating new ideas to make life easier. Combining existing possibilities, new opportunities and user needs into new and innovative ideas, concepts and designs.

What people say about me

“Marigo is een bevlogen ontwerper die een compleet team kan dragen en leiden. Door haar passie voor de eindgebruiker zorgt ze ook in complexe projecten voor een optimale user experience.”

Wouter van Dijk - Design Director bij CLEVER°FRANKE

“Marigo is een enorm inspirerende dame die mensen helpt met het spelen met concepten en ideeën. Ze is de perfecte partner voor collaboratief ontdekken en uitwerken van mooie ideeën.”

Peet Sneekes - Creative Consultant at Mirabeau

“Een kundige Interactie ontwerper met veel UX kennis waarmee je goed en prettig kunt samenwerken.”

Sabine de Moor - Digital marketeer & Product owner at SNS bank

Some of my stories

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