About me

I am a very outgoing and driven person and I love to explore new things. I have always been interested in creating cool and positive user experiences and have loved designing ("knutselen") ever since I was little kid. As an Interaction & User Experience Designer I always keep the user's point-of-view in mind, but am also always invested in the client's needs and goals. I am interested in creating novel and innovative interactive systems and discover how these interactions can shape people's behavior in real life in a positive way.

During my years as a User Experience Designer (and even as a student) I have worked in multi-disciplinary teams in various fields. Through these experiences I gained strong communicative, team-work and organizational skills and learned to deal with stressful situations. It also inspired my passion for organizing events and writing.


A short history


Still loving the Caribbean but longing for more challenge in my work, I started at Sping in Oktober 2021. I am currently working remotely from Curaçao, helping clients take their products to the next level. I focus on complex products & business processes, and am responsible for translating these into user-friendly and understandable systems that aid users & unburden clients.

BearingPoint Caribbean

In June 2019 I decided to go on an adventure and move to Curaçao. I worked as a Senior UX/UI Designer at BearingPoint Caribbean, where I was responsible for the user-friendliness of all of the tax administration and social security systems we created. This included creating more awareness about UX and its positive impact on any online environment & client relationships.


From November 2017 – June 2019 I worked as a UX designer at CLEVER°FRANKE. In this role, I was responsible for translating the complex data and matter our clients bring to the table into user-friendly systems that help people better understand and interact with the data. This involved leading client workshops, performing data analysis, extensively researching user needs and designing innovative interaction systems to help them reach their goals.


From January 2014 – November 2017 I worked as an interaction designer at Mirabeau. I worked with many different clients (Q-Park, Berendsen, NEDIS, SNS, PGGM, APG, ZoWonen and more) on a variety of projects. My responsibilities included researching and exploring user needs and experiences with digital environments, designing of user-friendly interaction styles and understandable content and evaluating the design’s understandability.

Human Technology Interaction

In 2013 I obtained my MSc degree in Human-Technology Interaction at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Through various courses in psychology, consumer behavior and attention & cognition I gained more in-depth skills in human behavior and (psychological) research. I also set up and conducted various scientific studies.

Industrial Design

In 2010 I got my BSc degree in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. During my studies I conducted many design and research projects, both individually and in teams. I learned a lot about the design process, such as idea generation, concepting, user-centered design, prototyping and programming, aesthetic representation of design and marketing. I became most interested in user-experience and interaction design and focused on this during my last year.