Berendsen - Content based redesign


Berendsen is a supplier of work clothing, sanitary products and more. They asked us to help them create a better story for their website, and help them sell themselves better.

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My tasks

  • Exploring business processes & strategies through multiple workshops
  • Creating the content plan for the new website
  • Designing the user flows for specific target groups
  • Making example pages using existing components
  • Defining component usage for the overall website
  • Creating example content for these pages and co-writing the final content together with Berendsen

Design process

The redesign turned out to be purely content-based. There was no visual design involved. Instead, a creative consultant and I determined the most important selling points of Berendsen, their needs for the website and their main prospects. I dived into their company structure and business processes, to help determine the best way to explain this to their users. I specified clear user goals and based the "redesign" of the website around these.  I created a complete content mapping and used the existing CMS elements to build up new pages that more clearly described what prospects of Berendsen needed.


Content plan
Content plan


Content plan for a detail page
Content plan for a detail page

The result

The final website content plan focussed on the main user goals of prospect's of Berendsen. It focussed on their mindset, and answering the questions they would logically have, on the right level. We cleaned up the abundance of content and focussed on what is actually relevant.


Before and after view
Before and after view work clothing


Before and after view cleanroom
Before and after view cleanroom